My studio is my happy, my heart, my home – my favorite place to be when I’m not chasing my babies around! Here is a little glimpse into my world!


DIRECTIONS coming from downtown Keene NH: The studio address is 113 Village Road in Surry, NH! PLEASE be sure to put this exact address into your GPS before the day of your session and be sure it directs you correctly if you are planning to use one. Although the directions are very straightforward and simple, google maps has been occasionally mis-directing. You will go up Court Street to the very end, and at 711 take the first exit at the roundabout onto West Surry Road (Rt 12A) You will follow this road past Surry Mountain Beach, and past the Surry Fire Dept until you get to Crain Road on the right (about 7 minutes after 711) At the end of Crain Rd, take a right onto Village Rd. The studio is about 1/4 mile down Village Road directly after the blue house on the right (it is the house with the awesome playground!) The studio is outside of my home in the red barn with white french doors. Please feel free to pull up and park right up next to the barn! Note: your gps may try to take you to Pond Road which is not longer accessible to get to village road. It may also try to direct you towards Surry Dam.