Fresh 48

Fresh 48 {hospital sessions} in Keene, New Hampshire

The magical “first” memories, the perfect chaos, the all-consuming emotions… the true newness of a brand new every-so-tiny human – this is what a “Fresh 48” session is all about – capturing these precious fleeting moments, and turning them into lifetime treasures that otherwise so easily could have been missed within the blur!

A Fresh 48 session is a lifestyle session that takes place in the hospital within the first 24-48 hours of your babies life! I will come visit you and your family, and capture images of your little ones first yawns, wrinkly baby toes, bubbly pouty lips, teeny first smiles, cute little stretches – ALL the simple beauty that changes ever so quickly once you leave the hospital! I will be there to document all of the “firsts” for you, so you get to sit back and enjoy them!

Please note: Miracle of Life & Fresh 48 sessions are of limited availability, due to the nature of unpredictability of birth. Please book your 2017 sessions now!

Keene, New Hampshire (Cheshire Medical Center) and Peterborough, New Hampshire (Monadnock Hospital) are the two areas I frequent most for birth photography!

LittleFoto is a high end photography studio in Keene, NH and the Monadnock Region, specializing in birth though life photography (birth, newborn, family, child, and senior portrait photography) LittleFoto offers classic, timeless, organic photography for every extraordinary “little” moment.



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