Paint Smash Sessions

Toddlerhood – the most manical and magical years. Our little babies are growing and changing and becoming tiny humans. Their perspective of life and the world around them is incredible, and contagious. They are loud, and defiant, and unrational – but their love is loyal, fierce, and affectionate and we squeeze every little bit of them to pieces every chance we get. It is a rollercoaster ride parenting through these years, and it’s really easy to get caught up in ALL the things and forget to take a moment to document their perfect unique selves.

These sessions are designed to capture the very best of your toddler – all the faces, laughs, squeels, and enjoyment in their eyes. There is just something wonderful about paint – they way it feels, the vibrant colors – it is just plain HAPPY in every way! I want to celebrate your child with you at this moment in their lives and create something tangible for you to hold on to as the years expire. These photographs are a sure way to capture the real and genuine personality of your child!

All painting supplies are supplied by me for your session – so all you need to do is show up with your child wearing something he can get messy and we can start the fun! The canvas we paint during your session and the artist stand will be yours to bring home as a memory from our special time together!

These sessions are recommended for 2+ years or once your child has stopped instinctively exploring new things with their mouth first! We always use non-toxic very washable paint!

Paint smash session pricing follows my portrait session collections which you can check out here! To book a session – please just shoot me over a message and we can chat!

Enjoy some images from Isabelle’s 2.5 year old paint smash milestone session!!!