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Maddie Daniels – SENIOR!



To say Maddie’s senior session was AMAZING, would be a complete understatement. From the moment I met Maddie, and her incredible mother Jen, I knew awesome stuff was about to happen 🙂  Not only is this girl drop dead GORGEOUS, but everything about her personality is all kinds of wonderful. Maddie is kind hearted, adventurous, fun, and most importantly, HAPPY. Every smile of hers is genuine, sweet, and dramatically beautiful. I loved every moment I spent with Maddie – from our rock hopping & waterfall jumping, to pit stopping at Doug’s Dog’s (yes, this happened, and it was EPIC), to becoming fly swatting champs during our woodland adventures! Our evening was full of contagious laughter, exciting ideas, and creating a new and everlasting friendship! Thanks to my LittleFoto Hair & Makeup artist, Vicky Smith, (who LOVED the outdoor on location experience *specifically the whole “tick” thing*) Maddie was pampered, lovely, and glamorous from beginning to end of her session! A HUGE thank you also goes out to Carmen Christopherson, for assisting me (in some pretty fabulous ways, aka camera kayak time) with some of my favorite shots of Miss Maddie! I literally could have photographed this girl ALL night long – her free spirit and universal beauty was both inspiring and captivating.  Capturing these moments and the faces of Maddie Daniels was not only an honor, but an everlasting memory that will always fill me with smiles from head to toe! I am SO excited to share this blog post with everyone, and let them take a glimpse into Maddie’s world. ENJOY!


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BEHIND THE SCENES! {Hair & makeup by Vicky Smith}




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Thank you to Miss Maddie for being so adventurous, sweet, and incredible to work with!!!! BEST. DAY. EVER.

– xo –



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