LittleLadies: Senior Models

Seniors. To be young, to be wild, to be free – to be seventeen. The age every child looks up to, and every adult looks back on. The time in your life the most awesome memories are created and forever looked back on in everlasting “remember that time” moments. You live, you love, you learn, you grow – you explore your own “you” and discover who you are. You learn more about yourself this year, than in the many years ahead of you. THIS is what senior photography is all about – capturing these small little things about who you are today and freezing these tiny innocent memories of yourself that change immensely over the next years as you go out and create your own world away from home. Right now, these little things that make you “you” are treasures – the innocence of youth & the soul of your being – the last year of your childhood. THIS is why I love senior photography. This time in your life is fragile, it is exciting, it is scary, it is every emotion rolled into one simple fact – you are growing up. I want to share that with you – capture that beauty for you – and document it. I want to turn your being into something tangible for you and your family to hold on to long after you move on to the next part of your jorney: adulthood. My senior sessions are all about YOU. My style is fun, laid back, adventurous, and always a great time. I want your senior session to be an experiece, and another memory for you to take with you. We will create images from our time together that you will look back on and smile, laugh, and love. I want the images I create not just to capture your eye, but your heart. I want you to feel something when you look at the images we create. This is my goal, this is what I strive to perfect, and this is why I do what I do – and love every minute of it! Cheers to the class of 2019!

The LittleFoto senior model experience. Selective seniors graduating in 2019 will be chosen as the 2019 LittleFoto “LittleLadies.” These girls with have the honor of becoming LittleFoto promotional models, and will become the face of LittleFoto! Enjoy the experience of senior photography in the most exclusive and fabulous way… awesome perks, great incentives, gorgeous photos, and epic fun!!!!

What exactly is a “LittleLady”? A LittleLady is a promotional model for LittleFoto. She is someone who is outgoing, kind, good-hearted, and truly enjoys the life of being a senior. If you are thinking “I am not pretty enough for this”… STOP. Immediately. Everyone is beautiful, and I truly believe that the most gorgeous people are those who possess inner beauty, and have a kind heart and loving soul. THIS is the kind of girl I am looking for to represent my brand. A LittleLady is someone who is happy, smiles often, and loves to laugh and have a good time. She enjoys the company of people around her, and takes pride in her friendships. A LittleLady is someone who is up for adventure, and has an appreciation for creativity. The LittleFoto LittleLadies will be hand picked by ME based on the beauty of their personality and charisma. The chosen will be announced on March 1!

What is required to become a LittleLady?  To be a LittleLady, you must be graduating in 2019. All ladies must have parental consent before filling out an application to be a LittleLady – this will be an experience for mom and dad too! While being a LittleLady is free, it is required that all LittleLadies purchase a LittleFoto Senior Collection if they would like to be a promotional model for LittleFoto and enjoy all of the incentives and benefits of being a LittleLady. A $100 depots towards your collection will be due March 15th – this means that you will be committing to choosing me as your senior photographer! Please take a moment to view my senior portfolio and get a feel for my artistic vision and style. It is important that you choose a senior photographer who you believe will best capture who you are. If you think we are a good match – YAY! If not, there is a great selection of senior photograhers in the area who do gorgeous work, so be sure to check them out! FUN DATES! To be a LittleLady, you will need to reserve TBD DATE in April (revealed soon!) for our senior shootout day (yay!!!!!) and TBD DATE in June (revealed soon!) for our annual senior color war (super blast!)! Please keep in mind that if you participate in sports, these dates may interfere with another obligation.

Where is the excitement at? LittleLadies will have the most incredible senior experience possible. You will be part of a team, partake in creating lifetime memories on fun filled adventures while making awesome new friends, and have so many gorgeous photographs to take with you… all well receiving awesome perks, great incentives, and special gifts! The chosen LittleLadies will be celebrated by our third annual senior shootout party ! This will be your first LittleFoto senior photography experience – so start planning your outfit!!!  The fine details are yet to be announced for this years senior shootout, but will revealed over the next two months. As always, we will start with professional hair & makeup for each girl (my treat!), then I will capture some amazing photographs of each LittleLady, as well as a ton of super fun group pics that are always very social media loved! Each LittleLady will have their own solo portraits done, in any outfit they choose. This is a great opportunity for you to have a “free” senior session, in addition to the senior session that you have already booked with LittleFoto. All the portraits I capture of you from the senior shootout will be added to your senior session gallery, and  watermarked versions will be available for online sharing after the event! All LittleLadies will also be part of our annual color war party with the #Kcrew! In addition to the senior shootout and color war, all LittleLadies will have the opportunity to WIN CASH and FREE SESSIONS, by the number of friends that they refer to LittleFoto that book a senior session!

LittleLady Referral Incentives

  • Refer 1 person who books a session, get $10 CASH
  • Refer 3 people who book a session, get $30 CASH
  • Refer 5 people who book a session, get $50 CASH + a free BFF photography session with your three best friends! (prints and digitals not included)
  • Refer 7 people who book a session, get $50 CASH + an additional senior mini session in any season of your choice! (prints & digitals not included)
  • Refer 10 people who book a session, get $100 CASH + an additional senior mini session + a free BFF photography session or couples session! (prints & digitals not included)
  • Random gifts, surprises, and special events throughout the year!

Referral incentives will close on November 1st, 2018, and you will be able to trade in your referrals for CASH and FREE SESSIONS. Please note, in order for your referral to count, the client MUST specify that they were referred by you when completing the senior portrait session questionnaire when they book their session.

Want the inside scoop? Ask one of these past LittleLadies!

How do I apply to become a LittleLady?!? Simple! All you need to do is review all of this information with your parent, then fill out an application at the bottom of this page! Once it is submitted you will officially be in the running for the 2019 LittleLady modeling program!!!!! Applications open on February 1, and close February 28. The LittleLadies will be announced on March 1!