newborn session twins photographyLittleFoto is a high end photography studio in Keene, New Hampshire offering birth though life photography.  LittleFoto is  for people who desire not just a photography session – but an experience, created by capturing raw emotion of tiny irrreplacedle moments that will forever speak to your soul. I love to create classic, creative, and timeless images. I want you to look at the photographs you take away from our session and not just feel something, but feel everything. I turn moments into memories, and simple minutes into art. I create photographs with the gift of knowing that they will be passed down from generation to generation. “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”  I put my heart into every image I create, knowing I am not just taking a picture, I am designing a memory. 

Photographing a child is an untouchable high to me – their innocence, genuine happiness, and contagious laughter captivates me. Children find beauty in simplicity, and magic in ordinary moments – something that somehow changes as we grow into adults, and fades away. To me, the joy in a child’s eyes is a looking glass into their tiny minds, their love for their world, and their curiosity about life’s ordinary miracles. I find children’s thoughts to be extraordinary, and their raw emotion intrigues me.  Children are free spirited, mysterious, optimistic, stubborn, fearless – they are magnetic. Capturing all these aspects of their being, and turning them into a photograph, is a skill and talent I continuously strive to perfect. It is a challenge, a puzzle, and an adventure. While I revel in their madness, and play their simple games, I connect with them – they show me their secret world – and it is a truly incredible and satisfying moment. I hope the images I create from these moments, pass the same enchantment on to you, and you too can share their perfect magic!

My client relationships are just as important to me as the memories I capture of them. I want your LittleFoto session to be a lifetime-memorabe experience. I want to watch your children grow, and document their lives year after year, and become a part of their childhood memories. I find great joy in my work, my job, and most importantly, the relationships I have gained by being a photographer. My clients are my best friends. I could not be more blessed and thankful to them for their trust, loyalty, and dedication to LittleFoto.

I put my heart into every image I create, while striving to preserve every “little moment” imaginable! 

xo – E

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