Welcome to my little corner of the web! If you haven’t figured it out yet – I am in love with babies. Baby toes, baby hands, baby skin, baby eyelashes – every little detail is my favorite. There is nothing more extraordinary then the tiny brilliance of new life – so fragile, sweet, and innocent. Babies are the definition of love. They create magic, and bring peoples hearts more joy than they ever imagined possible. Babies turn couples into families, and moms and dads into new parents. It is a miracle – and a celebration – when a baby is born. This is what I enjoy most – the happiness, the emotions, the experience, the love. Documenting this journey for you is truly the best job in the world. Being able to capture these incredible moments, and turn them into tangible memories for you is something I want to be able to gift everyone. Moments are so fleeting, especially in the mist of adapting to life as a new parent and adjusting your world to your new baby. It is so easy to forget all the tiny new things that mean everything – the little way she bends her finger when she’s sleeping, the silly face she makes when you touch her belly, and the way she gazes at you as she is seeing the universe for the first time – these moments move on to new moments each day. Freeze them – preserve them – keep them. I want to help you hold on to everything, forever.